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Businesses For Transgender Equality And Fair Treatment

Business For Tans Equality

Love is all everyone needs in life to be driven towards success,
and we aim at spreading that for all genders.

Stand For Transgender Equality

Small/Medium Businesses


It is a group committed to protect the environment and foster great virtues, focusing on trans equality.

Litmus Software, Inc.

This organization has played a crucial role in bringing trans women and men to the frontline of white-collar jobs.

7R Media & Expeditions

Talents and skills are appreciated here through all levels of growth, and gender isn't the selection criteria.

Supporting Organizations

We are now collaborating with several other teams and institutions to hold
hands with the ostracized humans for a better tomorrow.

Our Beloved Family...


This umbrella term brings many individuals together for a collective mission to fight for justice and their rights.

Gender Non-binary

People who aren’t exclusively feminine or masculine fall under this category, but they too are part of our family.

Intersex Community

This resilient group of individuals with a variety of biological conditions or anomalies is nothing but humans.

Enby Community

To bring every beating heart and suffering soul to the light is the mission; this community is also a part of it.

Our Testimonials

"There couldn't be anything better to do than fight for our rights, and
we couldn't ask for more than this immense support. "
Theo E Scudder

Meet Our Team

Gary A Smith

Staci R Washington

Ethel D Colston

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